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How Private Equity Looks at Outsourcing to Drive Alpha

It is estimated that private equity has nearly 1 trillion USD in available capital to deploy, that is a great deal of money to put to work. In today’s market, the search for Alpha is in strong investor demand, investors are more discerning in whom they allocate dollars. Investors want to be confident that PE’s can put all that dry powder to work in high valuation opportunities. 


To support in PE’s ability to gain the Alpha advantage the next-generation outsourcing companies like Supply Chain Synergy Consultants “SC2” can bring extensive in-depth experience to the table. We are helping management teams to improve growth by giving them the flexibility to rapidly launch new services, improve competitiveness, and critically free up leadership time. This growth-oriented model helps drive Alpha potential and makes companies stronger and more agile.


When you partner with the right third party firm, you get a level of operational expertise at an efficient price, and that allows asset managers time and resources to focus on their core strength – the assets. By outsourcing the Supply Chain Management functions, you acquire access to a whole team of experts that live and breathe this subject matter 24/7. Not only do they have the latest industry knowledge and the most innovative technology, but they also have lots of practice applying it across their many clients.


This shift is being powered by more complex tasks being supported by next-generation outsourcing companies. These teams of individuals who will support private equity firms outsourcing are the most critical element of the equation and should be treated as such when evaluating potential. 


Typically, when PE’s look to grow and be more competitive in the market, they focus on improving internal processes or consider a fresh business model. While these options are valid, they are not the only options available. Many PE’s look at outsourcing as a way to optimize their competitive edge while reducing costs and growing revenue. The more support a PE receives from a trusted outsourcing partner, the more effective their deals become generating the best possible Alpha performance for investors. Any PE looking to outsource is doing so to gain expertise and for somebody to help them do something they can’t do themselves.


It’s fair to conclude that outsourcing is fundamentally changing the way PE’s are conducting business. It is an effective way for private equity firms to focus on management teams on growth opportunities, reduce costs, and redistribute human capital to maximize business value. It’s giving management teams a critical space to think strategically and transform their businesses.


If you are looking for that outsourcing partner to help you drive Alpha in your investment, please give SC2 a call at 303-883-3355 or mark.hampton@comcast. net


Mark Hampton is a successful “C” Level Executive with 40+ years of progressive experience managing the diversified and extensive supply chain and corporate restaurant functions. Mr. Hampton started his firm in December 2017. He quickly developed and built the business from start-up to generating 6-figure sales annually within the first year; established a strong account customer base of NRA’s Top 200 restaurant owners and private equity clients. During his career, he managed the 7th largest full-service restaurant chain in the US, managing all Supply Chain functions with a total annual spend of 500M per year with eight restaurant concepts, three manufacturing facilities, 700 locations, 11k SKU’s in 12 Distribution Centers, in 46 states and Guam.

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