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Supply Chain Synergy Consultants (SC2) is an experienced restaurant business consulting firm that develops integrated supply chain models, comprehensive supply chain cost reductions, and a complete restaurant logistics and supply chain management re-engineering of your business to decrease cost, increase sales and put the systems for continuous improvement. Our unique approach to restaurant cost control will help you become a world-class food chain and truly compete in the 21st century. Today, truly sustainable results are possible only by harmonizing specific goals in supply chain restaurant operations with economic, social, and environmental factors. Through a deep analysis of your business, its operations and external trends, SC2 is able to create a cohesive plan within those conditions to carry out restaurant supply chain management change. Clients will not always need and use every element from the models, but will use parts of it depending on the individual need.

As restaurant business consultants, we find and solve the most critical and challenging restaurant cost control/supply chain problems. Supply chain strategies must be innovative, and solutions must be sustainable. Strategies must drive profitable growth while protecting limited resources in restaurant operations, and enable people to rapidly adapt in the ever-changing world of supply chain. SC2 takes an overall, independent, and fact-based view of a client’s performance in restaurant operations. At SC2, we rely on facts because they provide clarity and align restaurant operations. Facts are the universal management language. We work with the facts to provide credible supply chain cost reduction recommendations. Working directly with leaders who can partner with SC2 to develop and accept our restaurant logistics and supply chain management recommendations, and have the ability to implement them.

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restaurant business consultant

Using a tailored approach for each client, our restaurant business consultants create a restaurant cost control catalyst and trains our clients to implement proven supply chain tactics. When manufacturers, distributors, software, or hardware products are involved, SC2 assists clients in determining requirements, identification of opportunities, preparation, and implementation.

A typical project is performance (cost), productivity (cycle time) and administrative time oriented. Our restaurant business consultants initially analyze a business for productivity improvement potential. At SC2 we earn our client's trust and we do this through our consistently superior service, our professional conduct, our complete personal commitment, and the quality of our work. SC2 cares for our clients as people, even when we are not serving them.

Our restaurant business consultants rely on client authorship and ownership of the project. The client provides the opportunity, while SC2 provides restaurant logistics and supply chain management expertise.

With 20+ affiliated team members and offices in Parker CO and Cumming GA, we are here to serve you across the nation. Contact Mark Hampton directly at (303) 883-3355 or through email at if you have any questions. Also feel free to fill out our quick and easy contact form to receive a free quote of what we can do for your company!

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