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Private Equity Consulting for Restaurants & Food Chains

We specialize in assisting companies in lowering spend to drive increased margins



Private Equity Consulting

Supply Chain Synergy Consultants (SC2) is a private equity consulting firm specifically for franchise restaurants and food chains led by Mark Hampton. Mark specializes in assisting companies in lowering spend to drive increased margins. Private equity consulting has very specific goals in mind when they acquire a restaurant enterprise. Mark has personally worked with Goldner Hawn, Wind Point Partners, and Fidelity National under FNFV. All three were unique in their goals but the underlying themes were all the same, to drive same store sales growth and increase margin to position the company in the best way possible for the exit strategy.


Think of it like this, if you have a 10% SOCF (Store Operating Cash Flow) and SC2 saves $100,000.00, that is equivalent to 1 million dollars in top line sales at a 10% SOCF. Very successful franchise restaurants / food chains did not work to save their way to prosperity, but engaged in a dynamic overall strategy. One of the pieces of that strategy is a high-performance Supply Chain department, focused on cost reductions and improving product and service quality.

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During my tenure as the Chief Supply Chain Officer at American Blue-Ribbon Holdings (ABRH), I was part of the acquisition team. During the ABRH acquisition of CHUX, our Supply Chain goal was 5 million in synergy savings over the first year. Supply Chain delivered 10 million in 6 months, meeting one half of the total overall necessary synergy savings for the acquisition.


Right before ABRH purchased CHUX they had one of the large well-known firms in to review and renegotiate some key contracts. This firm got paid a large six figure sum for their job. I had to re-write each and every one of their contract/agreements. One contract in the 2nd year of the three-year contract would have cost ABRH 1 million dollars in cost increases. This firm did not truly understand formulas and the dynamics of the market they were working in. I discovered their mistake on my first pass of the contract and went to work correcting their gross error and saved ABRH the pain of their incompetence.


Before you hire one of the large well-known private equity consulting firms, think about this – how much true restaurant Supply Chain experience will the team you are assigned have? In most cases zero practicable experience. They may come from Worton, Booth, Stanford and even Harvard, but have they run a high-performance restaurant Supply Chain department? In most cases the answer is no. Our 20+ Affiliated Team Members diverse experience in high volume restaurant industry Supply Chain operations with offices in Parker CO, and Cumming GA, we are here to help.


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