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What people are saying about Mark Hampton


Lee Tse - Apollo Global Management

"Mark was essential in helping us execute the carve-out of the Supply Chain organization of a quick-serve restaurant chain we acquired in 2018. He knew the industry well and was able to assist with the stand-up of a new team and establishment of standalone agreements for the new entity. Mark was also helpful throughout the Transaction Services Agreement in dealing with challenges with the company's distribution network. We look forward to partnering together with Mark again in the future."


Keith Guilbault - CEO Qdoba Mexican Eats

"I cannot say enough about Mark Hampton and SC2.    Mark led us through a complex carve-out from our former company and literally built an entire, high performing team from scratch.    His industry knowledge, relationship with suppliers and distributors, and skill in recruiting was invaluable.   I highly recommend Mark and SC2."


Hazem Ouf - CEO

“Mark Hampton is truly a supply chain leader professional….His knowledge and experience helped propel ABRH into a powerhouse diversified multi-concept restaurant company with over 1 billion dollars in sales. Mark has the skillsets to negotiate small or large, complicated supply chain contracts and understand the balance between securing quality products and cost efficiency, while always focusing on the big picture and paying attention to the small details. Mark is a team player and positive influence among his fellow officers….His relentless improvement and accountability for results for himself and his team is unmatched….I feel privileged to have had him as my chief supply officer for over 8 years”


Jake Crabtree, Corporate Executive Chef - The SSA Group

I wanted to reach out to you directly to thank you. You have been a great resource for Scott and the team over the last six months. You have helped him establish a solid foundation to grown into his procurement roll within our company. 

Though our consulting partnership is coming to an end our relationship has only just begun. We will be in touch along the way and hope the same with you. Feel free to reach out at anytime. Thank you for your partnership.


Mia McMahon, Sr. Manager Meetings, Events, and Travel Services – Dine Brands Global, Inc.

“Hiring SC2 and Mark Hampton provided a much needed, enhanced framework for deepening supply chain participation with our annual Dine Brands Franchise Conference(s). Mark truly understands how manufacturers think, work, and react in regards to conference sponsorships and attendance. SC2 was able to identify and present increased win-win sponsorship opportunities that benefitted both the brand and the supplier partner. His insight and value has been a tremendous benefit to our organization by increasing our conference revenue by nearly 25%” 


Christine Wills, VP Operations Services - Qdoba Mexican Eats

"I had the opportunity to work directly with Mark at QDOBA as we carved out our supply chain function to become a stand-alone company.  Mark built out the entire team and created an infrastructure with systems and processes to set the Brand up for the future.  Mark is a problem solver and partners greatly with management teams to ensure cross-collaboration is at the forefront of any project.  He is a proven leader with a strong reputation and deep connections throughout the industry. " 


Lou Rotella Jr II

"I want to thank you. Everyone was so impressed with your presentation. The knowledge that you have and how you conveyed it with your answers to the questions that were asked was so helpful to all of us.... I am looking forward to working with you and so is our sales management and our salesmen"

Cordia Harrington, CEO - The Bakery Cos.

"Mark Hampton has the ability to take complex pricing protocols, and allowing others to understand how to positively impact the bottom line. Mark has a calm temperament and is savvy and detailed. He has the contacts and the discipline to improve any supply chain organization"

"Mark is a tough negotiator, but fair!"

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Jay Trungale – CEO

“Mark was instrumental in bringing high-performance bottom-line results for the Supply Chain department. You could always count on new and innovating ways of structuring agreements to benefit the company”


Bob Kaltenbach – COO

Mark was the hand that kept operations cost of food inline even during inflationary environments. His guidance on commodities and suppliers was invaluable to the company’s success”


David Lidval - Franchisee

“I personally have worked with Mark, his follow-through and planning are impeccable when it comes to clients. He delivers what is committed”


Paul Walker - Franchisee

“Mark’s knowledge of the Food Service business was lifesaving to our organization. Mark came in and showed us the errors we were making on distributor selection and manufacturers. These items helped improve our bottom-line significantly and kept us in business”


Hatton Smith – President Royal Cup Coffee

“I have had the pleasure in working with Mark over many years. Negotiating contacts with Mark are never easy. He insisted that his organizations came away with the best available cost agreements and works tirelessly until he attains them”


Michelle Gayle - Coca Cola

“As a Coca Cola Account Executive, I found Mark to be tough-minded and fair all at the same time. We worked to understand our position as much as he worked for us to understand his”



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